Hi , I am Tracy Cosgrove Founder of PTSM, I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 12. My passion is to get the best out of people. My career in Asia started in Interior Design. How did i end up with a training company - easy- Designing is inspiring - i like to bring out the life in a building and also bring out the potential in people . You can be who you want to be and sometimes you just need a helping hand . I have worked in Asia for over 30 years and worked hand in hand with the Hospitality and Construction Industry.

Passion : Family ,Networking and Walking.

Hello there! 

I am Melissa Cosgrove. I'm the daughter of Tracy, just incase you didn't see the resemblance from the photos. I have a Hospitality Management degree and have worked in the hospitality and leisure industry for about 10 years. I have spent a lot of my life in Asia but I live in Manchester now. 

I work for PTSM remotely, I write training modules that are used for the training programmes and when I travel to Myanmar, I deliver training sessions. 

Passions: Scuba diving, photography, scrapbooking and cooking.

Frank here, I am originally from the Netherlands but have worked all over the world in Hotel Management, the last 10 years I have been based in Myanmar. I have been GM and Group GM for several hotel chains in Myanmar and most recently I have been more involved in Hotel Assessments and restructure and reorganisation. My back ground is F&B and I loved spending my spare time cooking - which is my passion. I am the creator of the Mystery Guest Program which we now use in Asia .

Passion: Cooking 


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