Untrained employees cost you directly.

In both time and money!

 Passport to Success Myanmar


​In the fast changing world

of Myanmar’s hospitality and service industry, the need for staff training is getting more and more evident.

As we have had a massive interest in delivering training, we are looking at expanding to other countries. 

Training costs time and money but is not training your staff an option?

    ​​​Social Skills

    English Role Play

    Professional Competency

    Customer Care 

    Personal presentation

    Team Building

Necessity of Training

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Virtuality training is the future for hospitality! 

We conduct training sessions using VR headsets with modules that we have created for specific departments e.g. Housekeeping.

These Modules can be used all over the world and translated to different languages to suit your needs.

​Passport to Success

​An initiative of Tracy Cosgrove to improve the quality of service and the ability to speak English for people working in Myanmar's service sector.

What is your professional aim in 5 years time?

Director, Supervisor, Assistant Manager, General Manager? 

Passport to Success will help you to realise your goal