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Passport to Success Myanmar is an initiative of Tracy Cosgrove to improve the quality of service and the ability to speak English for people working in the Myanmar service sector.

Up to now Passport to Success has been concentrating on hotels, restaurants and travel agent staff. New curriculums are being written for instance for the employees of the new airport in Yangon and Myanmar’s police force.

Myanmar is catching up fast with the world economy and the need for employees to adapt to the “foreign” way of thinking and expectations is one of the utmost challenges.

One of the most common sources of employee frustration is not having adequate training or resources to get the job done. Passport to Success initiator Tracy Cosgrove, has found the efficient solution for staff training which will not only to guarantee a higher degree of customer’s satisfaction but, as important, to create loyalty towards the company who made the effort and has the vision to organise training.

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