GM for hire

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The number of visitors to Myanmar is growing fast and so is the competition.

Is your hotel ready for the high expectations of these guests and for the rapid increase of available rooms?

The International hotel chains are able to offer modern and luxurious rooms for a lower rate because they work more efficient and are willing to establish themselves in an increasingly competitive market.

The trend over the last number of years is that the number of hotel rooms is going up and the rates are going down, where will this end? Are you sure that your occupancy and ARR will continue to increase in the future? Passport to Success is offering a solution for all your worries.

After years of operating both internationally and in Myanmar we have met a large number of International GMs and former GMs with the experience to act as interim manager in your hotel.

The aim is to train one of your own management team or recommend a bright local star to take over after the interim GM has finished and established the standard operational procedures.

Depending on your requirements these GM act for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months as interim managers, so not on a permanent contract but for a limited period. GMs on a permanent contract are only concentrating on the day to day management of your property, our interim GMs are establishing the future success of your hotel.

Ok, this comes with a cost but have a look at the advantages. Your guest satisfaction and ratings on TripAdvisor will increase as well as managerial, operational and cost efficiency.

Please contact us and we are happy to discuss your requirement in detail and propose the GM we think is best for you and your property.