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Passport to Success

    Social Skills
    Role Play
    Professional Competency
    Customer Care
    Personal presentation
    Team Building


in joining the Passport to Success.

What is your professional aim in 5 years’ time? Director, Supervisor, Assistant Manager, General Manager?

Passport to Success will help you to realise your goal

In the fast changing worldof Myanmar’s hospitality, service and banking industry the need for staff training is getting more and more evident.

Let’s be upfront about it; training cost time and money but is no training your staff an option?

Necessity of Training

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Passport to Success Myanmar

is an initiative of Tracy Cosgrove to improve the quality of service and the ability to speak English for people working in Myanmar's service and banking sector.

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After spending almost 10 years in Myanmar, Tracy understands Myanmar and, being from the UK, the foreign way of thinking.

Passport to Success has developed an efficient training program to prepare your employees to their expected tasks within the shortest possible time.

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