With most industries growing, It is important that your customers receive high standards of customer service. 

We offer services that provide your business with detailed information that represent how customers view your business from the outside. This will be done by sending in mystery guests who will act as genuine customers. They will be given the information which they have to find out. Detailed reports are filled out by each mystery guests and analysed. 

It is crucial that, as a business, you have knowledge of the thoughts and feelings of a customer. This enables your business to improve and grow.  

With real feedback your business is able to make changes immedietly. 

For example if you have a promotion going on and the staff are not mentioning this to your customers then the promotion wont work. However with the feedback from the mystery guests, you can see the percentage of the guests who received the information and make changes straight away. 

This goes for loyalty programs, signiture dishes on the menu, handling complaint's, other products on offer etc. 

People usually associate Mystery guests with retail, however they can be used for all service industries from hospitality, car sales, charity, banks, transport, airlines etc. 

Why would you need a mystery guest? 

You are probably thinking you are doing well because you have good reviews. However how many of your customers actually take the time to write these reviews? Only a small percentage!

With mystery guests you get true feedback from what a range of customers think. Detailed reports will highlight the areas which need attention which you may not have been aware of. 

​If you are interested in finding out more information please get in touch. 

Mystery Guest

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